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RTCM GUI Application for Windows PCs.

A PC based GUI application for the DE9941A-375 and DE9941A-435 that runs on Windows 10. Only a 64-bit version is available.

DE9941A-RTCM-SC135-GUI. Version 1.03


Arm firmware file

This image file must be programmed into the DE9941A for it to communicate with the RTCM GUI App.

DE9941A_RTCM_F03.01.04.bin. Version F03.01.04


PE0003 firmware file

This image file is to restore operation of the DE9941A for non RTCM scripts (CMX764 FI 1, 2, 4).

DE9941A-SCRIPT_F02.01.00.bin. Version F02.01.00


DE9941A Bootloader

This image is for older versions of the DE9941A and upgrades their bootloader to work with the RTCM application. This should only be required if you receive an error when trying to connect to the RTCM GUI Application.

DE9914A-BOOTLOADER_F01.01.00.bin. Version F01.01.00


USB driver

This driver is only suitable for Windows PC running 64-bit OS.

This can be downloaded from the PE0003 Product page

Visual C redistributable runtime libraries

This runtime library may be needed to use the RTCM GUI Application. You will only need this if the RTCM GUI fails to start and Windows reports that the Visual C runtimes are required.


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