Maritime Communications

Maritime Communications

Maritime Communication technology is vital for ensuring smooth and safe operations at sea involving the exchange of information between vessels, shore-based stations, and satellites. Efficient communication is crucial for navigation, vessel tracking, safety, and coordination between vessels.

In support of this CML Micro has developed solutions for AIS, VDES and other signalling and voice-based communication standards. Our products help to provide real-time information on vessel location, identification, and status, enabling vessel managers and port authorities to make appropriate decisions when it comes to navigational safety and operational efficiency.

Our products also enable reliable and secure digital communication between vessels, increasing collaboration and maximizing the potential for industry players to connect and work together.

With decades of experience and new product developments on the horizon, CML Micro is continuing to help bring safe and efficient travel at sea.

Discover more about how we help bring safety to travel at sea with our Maritime Communications products page. 

Key Applications
AIS Equipment                          Vessel Tracking                           Aids-to-Navigation (AtoN)                             Maritime Voice Radios                            Man Overboard Systems (MoB)


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