Design Resources

PE0003 Questions

Q. The PE0003 driver bundled with the PE0003 Installation Package and the EC0003 Installation Package does not work with Windows XP.

A. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and so driver support for signed drivers in Win XP has ended. Regrettably, our drivers will no longer support XP.


This simple script is used to turn on and off an LED on the PE0003 without affecting the other port pin states.


How to Use Bit Masking

For those not familiar with bit masking. This type of function will be used regularly in PE0003 scripts and in code where 'bit set' and 'bit clear' operations are not available.


PE0003 High resolution Schematic

PE0003 Universal Interface Card schematics in high resolution format. Version B01


PE0003 Script Language Reference

The reference document for the PE0003 scripting language. Version 4


PE0003 Evaluation

PE0003 GUI application for Windows operating systems. Version 3.5


Getting started with EC0003

A guide to getting started with the EC0003 C development and evaluation environment for CML devices. Version 3


PE0003 GUI Library

User manual for the interactive GUI library in the EC0003 C development and evaluation environment. Version 2


C development tools

An installer that includes the libraries, GUI, working examples and documentation. A PE0003 and the LPCXpresso development tool are required. Some examples target specific CML Device Evaluation Kits and will not function without the kit connected to a PE0003. Version 1.6


EC0003 GUI

A GUI application that provides user interaction with C code developed using the PE0003 C development tools. This GUI is installed automatically with the C development tools. The GUI can be run standalone to allow evaluation of CML devices using binary files published in CML C Projects. Version 1.03


PE0003 Driver

PE0003 USB driver for Windows. Version 1.0


C-BUS Guides

Guides to operation and interfacing


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