Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Critical Communications refers to the specialized field of communication systems and solutions that are crucial for public safety, emergency response, and mission-critical operations. This encompasses a range of technologies and services, including two-way radios, dispatch consoles, mobile data terminals, ruggedized smartphones, and dedicated networks. These technologies enable real-time voice and data communication, ensuring effective coordination, quick decision-making, and efficient response during emergencies and critical situations.

CML Micro is the world’s leading supplier of solutions for wireless critical communications systems with over half a century’s experience supplying customers in these demanding applications. By leveraging our extensive manufacturing expertise and a robust supply chain, we have maintained a consistent and reliable supply of semiconductors, enabling our customers to meet their production timelines and deliver uninterrupted communication services.

We offer devices which are flexible, highly integrated, and high performance to help our customers develop critical communication systems which are ultra-reliable in life and death situations. Our devices are designed explicitly to meet global standards for secure voice and data links including those from ETSI, ITU and TIA.

Our team of engineers continually collaborate with industry leaders to identify emerging trends and anticipate future demands.

Discover what we offer by visiting our Digital/Analogue Two-Way Radio products page, or check out the product diagram below. 

Key Applications
P25/Tetra Infrastructure
Tetra Portable/Mobile Radios
Positive Train Control
Tornado Warning Systems
P25 Pagers
Police Warn Cameras
P25 Portable/Mobile Radios

Where we fit

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Transceivers (Tx/Rx)

CMX973 – RF Quadrature Modulator/Demodulator

CMX991 – RF Quadrature Transceiver

Receivers (Rx)

CMX994 – RF Direct Conversion Receiver IC

CMX972 – Quadrature Demodulator with IF PLL VCO

CMX970 – IF/RF Quadrature Demodulator

CMX992 –  RF Quadrature/Low IF Receiver

Transmitters (Tx)

CMX971 – RF Quadrature Modulator

CMX993 – RF Quadrature Modulator

CMX993W – RF Quadrature Wide Bandwidth Modulator

CMX998 – Cartesian Loop Feed-back Transmitter

DSP/FPGA support – Analogue Front End

CMX983 – Analogue Front End for Digital Radio

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