Wireless Networks & Satellite

Wireless Networks & Satellite

The rapid development of 5G and satellite-based communications is propelling us towards a future where faster, cheaper, and more accessible internet connectivity becomes a reality for all.

5G's high-speed, low-latency capabilities combined with satellite technology's wide coverage and reach enable bridging the digital divide, connecting remote regions, enabling real-time communication, empowering industries, and transforming how we live, work, and connect on a global scale. Together, they unlock a world of opportunities, fostering innovation, economic growth, and empowering individuals and communities with the transformative power of the internet.

To build this new reality, a vast 5G network of base stations, small cells and other mmWave infrastructure will be required. Using our expertise in advanced IC design, CML Micro new SuRF range of RFICs and MMICs are high performance, simple to design with, and simple to use in mass-market applications.

Learn more about how we do mmWave problem solving by checking out our SµRF RFICs and MMICs products page. 

Key Applications
5G Backhaul                                     5G mmWave Repeaters                                       Small Cells                                            Microwave Backhaul Radio Links                       
FWA Block Up Converters Cellular Boosters  


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