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CMX7131/7141 FAQ

 Function Image™ Loading Options
Q. I am about to start a design using one of your FirmASIC® based products, what is the most suitable method of storing the associated Function Image™ in my project?

A. Our FirmASIC® based devices require a Function Image™ to configure their on-chip sub-systems.
This is a data file that is uploaded during device initialisation and defines the device’s function and feature set.

The Function Image™ can be loaded automatically from external serial EEPROM via a dedicated SPI bus or from a host µController over the built-in C-BUS serial interface.It is also possible with two specified memory devices to update the serial memory stored Function Image™ via the C-BUS and SPI interface.

CML supplies a dedicated Thick Stub Function Image™ to enable this capability. The linked flow diagram is an aide-memoir in that it makes it plain what is possible when choosing the most suitable method of storing a Function Image™ for your project.

CMX7131/CMX7141 with the AMBE-3000

Interfacing and implementing the AMBE-3000 Vocoder with the CMX7131/7141 devices for use in digital radio systems.


CMX7131/41 - Interfacing CMX7131/CMX7141 with AMBE-3000™

Two scripts (transmit and receive) to enable interfacing and implementing the DVSI AMBE-3000™ with the CMX7131/CMX7141.


CMX7031/41 - CMXsynth1 450M

Synthesiser set-up example. Target board is the PE0201.


PE0402 for 6.144MHz Operation

Changes the PE0402 programming block to allow operation at 6.144MHz Note that some Function Images cannot operate at 6.144MHz


PE0003 PE0003 The PE0003 Evaluation Kit Interface Card is a global interface system for use with evaluation kits for CML’s new generation ICs, including FirmASIC™ based products. This greatly simplifies the approach to the evaluation and design-in process. PE0003_Product_Preview
PE0402 PE0402 The PE0402 Platform Evaluation Kit is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the CMX704x/CMX714x range of FirmASIC products. PE0402_Product_Preview


PE0402 User Manual

C-BUS Guides

Guides to operation and interfacing


CMX7131/41 Support Document



CMX7131/41 White Paper

CMX7131/41 White Paper


Variable Split-Band Scrambling

How it works


PE0402 Board Schematics



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