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TÜV SÜD Unveils VDES Test Certification Platform Centred on CML VDES1000

At ENAV26, TÜV SÜD presented the World’s first Test and Certification Platform for VDES based on the only VDES-capable product currently available in the market – the VDES1000

VDES, the VHF Data Exchange System, is the next generation of the well-established and popular AIS system used in millions of vessels globally. VDES encapsulates the current AIS system together with high-rate Application Specific Messages and a high-rate date transfer system.

Because of its critical role in safe navigation, it will be necessary to test compliance and certify VDES equipment but there has been no equipment available or body offering this service until now.

The VDES Test Platform supplied to TÜV SÜD is a 19 inch rack unit housing two VDES1000 modules and provides real-time data for AIS and the new ASM and VDE messages.  Enhanced firmware allows detailed timing measurements and transmits real-time data for spectral and vector signal analysis.

The VDES1000 is a joint development between CML and its technology partners Stone Three. For more information on the VDES1000.

The TÜV SÜD presentation to ENAV26 can be found here

VDES Test Platform showing two VDES1000 units. Note that the efficient thermal design of the VDES1000 requires only passive cooling with no fans or bulky heatsinks.

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