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Field Testing Made Easy with the VDES1000


7x Receivers and 1x Transmitter


Interfacing to the VDES1000

Typical 1U 19" Enclosure

Typical 1U 19" Enclosure

VDES Evaluation Platform located below the CNS base station enclosures

CML Microcircuits and Stone Three Communications have demonstrated a VDES Evaluation Platform that has been used in a number of VDES field trials that have taken place.

The VDES1000 module is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) specifically designed to cover the whole maritime radio spectrum; 156.025 MHz to 162.025MHz.  Future proof and upgradability are at the heart of the VDES1000, ensuring that it can evolve as the marine standard develops.  The device is delivered with the current VDES protocol stack any upgrades are available for CML’s Technical Portal.

The VDES1000 module hardware includes 7 receive channels and 1 transmit channel with a 12.5Wrms output power. This complete VDES solution incorporates fully compliant:

  • AIS Class-A transceiver
  • VDE transceiver
  • ASM transceiver

The hardware interfaces are designed to enable easy connections within an enclosure, these include:

  • 6 x isolated RS442
  • 1 x NC relay output
  • Ethernet, 1000 base-T

ll volume of the VDES1000 (165mm x 100mm x 30mm) allows it to be installed in an existing AIS Class-A enclosure or a 1U enclosure for a 19” rack based system.

The picture shows the VDES1000 Evaluation Platform used in the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) trials.

CML and Stone Three are keen to assist OEMs to evolve this evaluation platform into their own product offering.

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