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RFMW’s Annual NA and European Sales Conference

Last month CML participated in RFMW’s Annual NA and European Sales Conference. This was a great opportunity to spend a lot of time with the inside and outside sales teams as well as RFMW’s executive management.

CML conducted a training session and also attended a new concept called “Speed Dating”. This meeting vehicle facilitated spending time with groups of 2-3 individuals from sales to discuss specific territory activities and make account development plans. The breakout sessions time also allowed for good brainstorming with the direct CML support team and working relationship building.


Overall the event greatly allowed CML to enhance RFMW’s knowledge of our latest product offerings, share success stories and energize the team to go looking for new opportunities. We want to thank RFMW for inviting CML to the event and for the quality time spent with us. This is an exciting time for our partnership and we look forward to more events together in the future!

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