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The DE70322TC is a complete AIS Class B CSTDMA (IEC 62287-1) technology demonstrator/reference design package that will enable manufacturers to quickly deploy an AIS Class B transceiver to the market.



DE70322TC Product Preview

DE70322TC User Manual

Knowledge Base

SCT7033 / DE70322TC GUI – Available to download on the CML Technical Portal.
A PC GUI application to configure the SCT7033 with vessel data and to provide a suite of test modes for evaluation and certification of a customer developed solution.

DE70322TC High Resolution Schematic. Rev B02 – Download

DE70322TC High Resolution Component Overlay. Rev B – Download

DE70322TC Support Package. Rev B02 – Download
A zip archive containing Altium design files, BOM and layer stack information for manufacture of the DE70322TC.

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