Design Resources



The SCT2400EVM is designed to assist in the evaluation and application development of the SCT2400 2.4GHz Digital Voice and Data Transceiver.


SCT2400EVM Product Preview


Knowledge Base


SCT2400 Packet Interface – A guide to the SCT2400 UART interface for configuring and extending functionality using an external host processor. This allows features such as a display and SMS messages to be supported. Version 1.6C – Download

SCT2400EVM Test Guide and CPS Instructions - Download

CPS – Customer Programming Software to allow the SCT2400 to be configured with a user profile prior to shipping to end-customers. – Download via the Technical Portal

SCT2400 EVM High resolution schematic. Version 2.0 – Download

SCT2400 High resolution overlays. Version 2.0 – Download

SCT2400 PCB manufacturing data for Altium. Version 2.0 – Download

SCT2400 Radio Development. Functional differences between the SCT2400EVM and the SCT2400 Radio Reference to consider when developing a product based on the SCT2400HDA - Download

SCT2400 Radio Reference – high resolution schematic 24-7-2023 - Download


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