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Executive Interview with Microwave Journal

20 February 2024

An executive interview with Mark McCabe, Managing Director and Ion Furtuna, Senior VP of Sales at CML Micro with Microwave Journal.

1. Can you give us a little background on CML Microcircuits and their evolution over the years?

CML Microcircuits was founded in 1968 in the U.K., focusing on innovative solutions for professional mobile radio, wireless data, satellite and communication markets. We went public in 1984 and moved to the main market of the London Stock Exchange in 1996, showcasing our commitment to growth and visibility. Today, our global presence and reputation for innovation positions us as a key player in communications mixed-signal, RF and microwave semiconductors.

2. What high-growth markets are you targeting over the next few years and why?

We're strategically targeting 5G infrastructure, satellite communications, IIoT and defense and aerospace. The demand for higher capacity and faster data in these markets aligns with our strengths. Our recent SuRF product range introduction in mmWave MMICs underscores our commitment to addressing the evolving needs in these high-growth sectors.

3. What regions are you focused on for growth?

CML Micro is positioned for expansion on a global scale with a strong presence in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Our extensive sales and technical support network allows us to adapt to regional dynamics and cater to the specific needs of customers worldwide.

4. How does the acquisition of Microwave Technology, Inc. (MwT)  align with CML Micro's multi-year growth strategy?

 The acquisition strengthens our R&D capabilities and market position, reinforcing our commitment to sustained growth in higher frequency and wider bandwidth applications. MwT's expertise in GaAs and GaN-based MMICs aligns seamlessly with our goals, enabling innovation and driving growth across diverse industries.

5. What new products and capabilities does Microwave Technology bring to the company?

 MwT enhances our product portfolio in high-growth compound semiconductors. Their expertise in GaAs MMIC and FET technologies, along with recent advancements in GaN solutions, complements our strategic objectives. This integration empowers us with additional resources, fostering innovation and expanding our market reach.

6. How would your global sales reach help increase Microwave Technology’s product awareness?

 CML Micro's extensive global sales and distribution network provides MwT's exceptional products with new avenues for expansion. This synergy not only broadens our market presence but opens doors into untapped markets, ensuring substantial growth for MwT's products.

7. Can you tell us about your core product technologies?

 Our core technologies cover a diverse range, from high-frequency integrated circuits like the 'SµRF' range for RF and mmWave applications to advanced communication solutions such as software-defined radios. We also specialize in RF transceiver products, digital signal processing and voice codecs, offering a distinctive capability in silicon, SiGe BiCMOS, GaAs and GaN technologies.

8. Unlike many component companies, you cover both RF and baseband with a systems engineering approach – what advantages does that give you in the market?

 Our proficiency in both RF and baseband technologies allows us to provide comprehensive solutions that precisely match customers' needs across the entire radio architecture. This systems engineering approach gives us a clear advantage, differentiating us from competitors and ensuring our products provide best-in-class performance.

9. What device technologies do you think have the most potential for changing the market in the next five years?

 The convergence of cost-effective compound semiconductor materials, advancements in RF technologies and the integration of AI and machine learning hold immense potential for transforming the communication market over the next five years. These developments promise enhanced efficiency and open doors to innovative applications and functionalities.

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