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DE9941A SDR Demonstrator for Industrial IoT Modem Applications

15 April 2022

CML Microcircuits Ltd, a global supplier of Wireless Data solutions has recently released a new solution that demonstrates their latest range of IC solutions targeting high performance licensed VHF/UHF radio data modems. Typical applications for such modems include Industrial IoT, Real Time Kinematics and SCADA systems, where security and resilience of the radio link is essential. Increased data rates within these applications are also driving the need for more complex modulation schemes to be supported to maximize data throughput in narrowband channels.

The DE9941A is a compact UHF wireless data modem demonstration platform using the CMX994E Direct Conversion Receiver, the CMX998 Cartesian Loop Transmitter and the CMX7364 Multi-mode Wireless Data Modem. The credit card sized small form factor of the evaluation platform is due to the highly integrated nature of the CML IC solutions and its software defined architecture allows support of multiple channel bandwidths (12.5/25/50kHz) and modulation types.

The board can be used to demonstrate receive and transmit performance with multi-level QAM, FSK and GMSK type modulation. Using the on-board ARM host controller, a full transceiver can be demonstrated interfacing to a host PC via USB, with scripts available to set up the board as a transceiver, as well as running BER tests and operation in transmit mode only.

The DE9941A provides a Fractional-N PLL and VCO to provide local oscillator signals for the CMX994E and CMX998. The on-board ARM micro-controller, together with the control scripts, gives the user the ability to configure the modem and program the RF synthesizer to the correct operating frequencies. The design also includes a 1W power amplifier, harmonic filter and Tx/Rx switch. The modem’s RF performance is designed to be compliant with EN 302 561 / EN 300 113 and all the circuits are provided with power-down capability to allow standby functionality.

The DE9941A demonstration board operates from a single 4.5V supply and is available now.

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