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CML Micro is exhibiting at BES Expo 2024

13 February 2024

CML Micro is excited to announce it will co-exhibit with the DRM Consortium at the BES Expo (Broadcast Engineering Society) in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 110002, India. Visit CML Micro in Hall 12A, Booth C1, 15th – 17th February, 2024.

As part of its participation in BES Expo 2024, CML Micro has announced a consumer beta-tester programme for India for its forthcoming DRM1000 Receiver Module. The programme will ensure an excellent consumer experience from receivers based on the DRM1000 (Digital Radio Mondiale Broadcast Receiver Module) ‘core’ component when used in the rapidly-expanding Indian market for DRM-ready receivers. CML invites 25 DRM enthusiasts and listeners to receive pre-production module versions of the DRM1000. They will be asked to provide user feedback on the features and performance of the module to CML in return for free participation in the programme. CML will accept requests for participation at the DRM Consortium Hall 12A, Booth C1.

CML Micro will display three live demonstrations of its DRM1000 at the booth using the DE9180 demonstration platform.

The demonstrations will include reference design implementations of low-power, energy-efficient receivers based on the DRM1000 receiving local DRM and FM broadcasts in New Delhi. A further DRM1000 module will receive the Journaline news and information service and forward it on to an external large-screen display.

The DRM1000 is the world’s lowest-cost, lowest-power, and smallest-size DRM broadcast receiver module. It is a fully-implemented DRM-receiving platform that includes both RF and baseband functionality, offering high performance at low power consumption and small size. One-third of the world’s population remains in 'digital poverty’ without an internet connection; those millions of unconnected people will benefit from widespread DRM adoption. The DRM1000 can be easily integrated into a wide range of products, including battery-powered broadcast radios, smartphone receiver accessories, and portable music players. As well as broadcasting local radio to users, the module also includes a disaster and early warning service that can be used in the event of interruption to communications caused by natural disasters.

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About CML Microcircuits (CML Micro)

CML Micro is a world leader in the design, development and supply of mixed-signal, RF and microwave semiconductors for global communications markets.

CML Micro offer a wide range of products, including mmWave MMICs, RF transceivers, baseband processors, data controllers, and interface devices, which are used in various applications such as Critical Communications, Satellite and Network Infrastructure.

Our expertise lies in delivering high-performance IC solutions that enable efficient and reliable data transfer, signal processing, and system integration. Our portfolio provides components supporting both RF and baseband functionality, encompassing both leading-edge digital and legacy analogue systems.

CML Microcircuits is a member of the CML Microsystems Plc group of companies.

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