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CML Enables Rapid Development of UHF Wireless Modems

24 March 2022

CML Microcircuits Ltd is pleased to announce the release of the DE9941A-435 Wireless Data SDR Demonstration Board, an updated version of their popular DE9941A-375 board, now rebanded to cover operation from 400-470 MHz, making it suitable for applications in Europe, North America and other regions that allow licensed wireless data applications in the UHF frequency band.  Licensed UHF modems have the advantage of offering long range, secure communications and are frequently used in industrial IoT applications such as SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and RTK (Real Time Kinematics) in utilities, agriculture, mining, and construction industries.

The board is a complete UHF transceiver featuring a 2 Watt transceiver employing CML’s direct conversion receiver technology, low phase noise synthesizer and unique Cartesian Feedback Linearisation circuit to provide a credit card sized solution for wireless modems.  Complementing the RF is CML’s CMX7364 Multimode Wireless Data Modem, a flexible device that supports multiple modulation types, both linear and constant envelope, providing PHY and MAC functions and including sophisticated error correction and various formatted data modes.

Configured using a simple-to-use PC graphical user interface, the demonstration board can be used to evaluate performance of real radio links and provide measurement of performance metrics such as error magnitude, frequency offset, bit-error-rate, frame error rate, AGC step, RSSI and packet error rate.

David Brooke, Product Manager for CML’s range of Wireless Voice and Data products, noted ‘The DE9941A has been designed to help engineers quickly develop and test UHF modem solutions, providing both a design example, capable of satisfying strict regulatory requirements such as ETSI EN300 113, and an evaluation platform to help understand real time operation of wireless links under typical operating conditions’.

The DE9941A-435 is now available from CML’s global distribution partners.

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