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CML Microcircuits at BES Expo 2023

CML recently participated in BES Expo 2023, India’s biggest broadcast and media technology show in New Delhi. This was the first time we have been represented at BES and our presence there was a significant opportunity for CML to gain first-hand exposure to this vast market, particularly as India embraces the roll-out of DRM broadcast infrastructure.

What is DRM?

Combining all the benefits of AM, FM, and DAB, DRM – Digital Radio Mondiale – is rapidly emerging as THE Global Digital Radio Standard, providing the wide geographical coverage of AM but with an audio quality surpassing that of FM. DRM is highly effective in its use of radio spectrum, carrying multiple radio channels in a single transmission, and uses up to 90% less power than an AM or FM transmission. Compared with FM and DAB, DRM requires significantly less transmission equipment to cover the same territory and, since digital DRM transmitters are highly energy efficient, broadcasters can make significant operational cost savings. DRM’s cost benefits extend beyond transmission however, receivers can also be very low cost, using low enough power levels to enable battery operation and solar, or even “hand-cranking” recharge possibilities.

All this adds up to a situation where broadcasters can offer more diversified content and more programs to hard-to-reach populations, using fewer frequencies while using a lot less transmission power.

DRM in India

It’s easy to understand how DRM broadcasts have the potential to enhance the lives of large swathes of the Indian population, delivering a mix of educational, informative and entertainment content at low cost to millions of citizens, many of whom are currently unconnected. It’s no surprise therefore that India are one of the pioneering countries when it comes to the global roll-out of DRM. All India Radio, (AIR), the public broadcaster, have an impressive DRM infrastructure, probably the biggest digital roll-out globally, and can broadcast to some 600 million people using 35 MW transmitters. At the same time digital radio adoption in the Indian car market is one of the highest in the world, with 28% of new cars coming equipped with a DRM receiver.

The key to realizing this immense potential of DRM is the widespread availability of low-cost, low-power, and battery-operated receivers and this is where the synergies between CML and this vibrant, emerging market are to be found.

CML and the India DRM market

Along with our 50 years of experience in the design, development and supply of low-power analogue, digital and mixed signal semiconductors, CML have a strong track record of helping our customers leverage our technology to reduce costs and time to market.

CML are constantly seeking to extend our global reach and  actively seeking to develop new markets where our world-leading expertise and technologies can enable the development of products which improve peoples’ lives.  BES 2023 represents an ideal opportunity to assess how we can accelerate the delivery of DRM’s benefits to the India population.

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