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EV9011/EV9021 The EV9011/EV9021 are Evaluation Kits for the CMX901 and CMX902. These products are wideband RF power amplifiers with high efficiency and high gain and may be used as  power amplifiers or driver amplifiers.



EV9011+EV9021_Product_Preview (rev 1)

EV9011_EV9021_User Manual (Rev1)

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EV9011-160 Board Schematics. Hi-res schematic for EV9011-160 Evaluation Kit 160MHz variant. Version A02.

EV9011-435 Board Schematics. Hi-res schematic for EV9011-435 Evaluation Kit 435MHz variant. Version A01.
– Download

EV9011-915 Board Schematics. Hi-res schematic for EV9011-915 Evaluation Kit 915MHz variant. Version A01.
– Download

EV9011/EV9021 Support Pack. Gerbers, tooling, layer stack and BOM for the EV9011/EV9021 Evaluation Kit. Version A01. – Download

Package: QT8

28-pin WQFN


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