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CML launches the CMX90A705 Ka-band GaN power amplifier for cost-effective development of commercial satcom terminals

18 June 2024

Maldon, Essex, UK – CML Micro has announced the launch of a Ka-band gallium nitride (GaN) power amplifier that represents a cost-effective building block for commercial high-volume satellite communication terminals.

The CMX90A705 is a packaged two-stage GaN linear power amplifier delivering +37.4 dBm (5.5 W) of saturated power, covering a frequency range of 27.5 to 31 GHz and with 16.5 dB of small signal gain. It can be used as both driver and the final stage of power amplification in satellite communication terminals.

The PA has been designed for ease of integration, with RF input and output ports nominally matched to 50 Ω and integrated DC blocking capacitors. Drain and gate feed decoupling capacitors suitable for QPSK type modulation are incorporated into the evaluation board.

The active device is fabricated using a world-leading 0.15 µm gate length GaN-on-silicon carbide (SiC) process and presented in a small form factor, 4x4mm thermally enhanced air-cavity Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) packaging.

“The CMX90A705 represents a compact, flexible design that is well suited for high-volume communication terminals, providing access to global satellite networks,” says Arwyn Roberts, RF Product Manager at CML Micro. “The GaN die has been optimized for size and is believed to be smaller than currently available devices in the market, with two stages of gain – making it an extremely cost-effective solution. It acts as a low-cost building block which can be cascaded to increase the transmit line-up gain or combined in parallel for customers wanting higher output powers.”

“It’s a commercial-grade part that is fully tested with 50 Ω ports to ensure minimal design effort for the customer and fast time to market.” says Arwyn Roberts.

The CMX90A705 is primarily aimed at applications such as commercial high-volume Ka-band satcom terminals, block up-converters (BUC), VSAT and SSPAs. It is provided with a detailed data sheet, and CML Micro is committed to offering full support through its sales and applications teams. The commercial-off-the-shelf product will be available through global distribution partners, including DigiKey, Mouser and RFMW.

“The launch of the CMX90A705 represents an important step into the satcom mmWave market with a high-power gallium nitride-based device.” adds Arwyn Roberts. “Presently, we are at 5.5 W at Ka-band, but customers might want to go up in power to 10 W or 20 W by combining multiple devices on a board. As a company, CML Micro is always looking forward and anticipating customer needs.”

CMX90A705 5.5W Ka-Band GaN Power Amplifier | CMLMicrocircuits

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